About Me

Stacey Umeh

Umeh. Stacey Umeh.

It all began a while back when I was born. I couldn’t keep still. Loved moving.

Those that know me will be nodding right about now 😉

So, what do I do? I teach, I coach, I speak, I create, I move.

I love it all and wanted to create a community where a bunch of other people like me can geek out and discuss the wonders as well as the realities of gymnastics. 

Welcome, then, to Parallel Universe. Become a part of our community by:

  • Subscribing to the Parallel Universe Podcast – a new episode to be launched each month.
  • Join our Facebook group and geek out with me to the max.
  • Like and follow our socials.

I look forward to learning about your love of creative movement too!

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